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We offer effortless Online Shopping experience and Door-to-Door Delivery Service for Team Wellnex Registered  Independent Distributors that is quick and customs-cleared delivery of shipments from our Team's Franchise nationwide to courier branches directly delivered  to the address indicated by the purchaser.




Easy and Accessible Shopping

No more traffic jams, earsplitting crowds and long-suffering commutes! Shop anytime, anywhere via personal computer or your mobile phone. With our quick and reliable delivery service, just sit back, relax and your package will come to you.



This Online Shopping Program is designed by Jhuzt Lorque to help Santé International's Team Wellnex Registered Independent Distributors experience distinctive and easiest way of purchasing and promoting products online.

Independent Distributors are those who purchase a business pack containing product and sales aids and who intend to sell product to, and actively enroll, other independent distributors, retailers and/or preferred customers.  Anyone who decides to become an independent distributor may enjoy the benefit of having up to 50% discount on every purchase of any Santé Barley products and he/she can participate in any program or in  the Compensation Plan.


One-Stop Shopping Destination


With the different categories of products that we offer, including Nutraceutical Series, Health Beverage Series, Bath and Body Series, Health Snacks Series and Big League products, this online shopping is the easiest and practical way to shop for your needs. 

By creating your online account, you will now enjoy the full convenience of the Door-to-Door Delivery Service that this website offers. To do this, click the My Account Tab at the top of this page. 



1. Any individual whose a distributor of Team Wellnex of Santé International can enroll their online account and enjoy the full benefits of becoming a Santé independent distributor. 
2. By enrolling an online account, he/she may use this website to order Santé Barley products online and can enjoy the full convenience of our door-to-door delivery service.
3. All products purchased by an independent distributor will be encoded as his personal barley points.
4. The delivery and payment details the independent distributor made are stored in their account "My Account" to simplify future ordering
5. The delivery charge is FREE with every purchase of a minimum of ₱ 10,000.00.
6. There is no application fee for a signing up in this website.
7. There is no minimum purchase requirement.
8. There is no renewal fee.




1. After you have successfully placed your order, our Customer Service team will conduct a verification process and update you as soon as possible via phone call or text message.

2. After we've finalized your order, you can proceed to the nearest money transfer service center branches located in your area.

For registered independent distributors and retailers who purchase a minimum order of 10,000.00 on any of the product at distributor prices, money transfer fees are FREE of charge, just pay the exact amount.

JRS Express (Pera Padala Service)
LBC Remit Express (Pera Padala Service)
(Kwarta Padala Service)
Palawan Express (Pera Padala Service)
Cebuana Lhuillier (Pera Padala Service)
Western Union (Money Transfer)
MoneyGram (Money Transfer)

How to Send

    • Visit any Money Transfer Service Center Branches and fill out the Money Transfer form.
    • Present the accomplished form, and valid ID to the branch personnel.
    • Give the exact total amount of money to be paid.
    • Secure the Money Transfer form.
    • Ask the branch personnel to send us an SMS auto-notification "text message" of the control number for the purpose of informing us that the transaction was successfully made.

Recipient of all Money Transfer Service

Anna Bettina C. Baua
Address: 2nd Floor, La Asuncion Center (The LACE) Building, Mabini St. corner Arellano St., Ugac Sur, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, 3500
Mobile Number: +63 917 519 48 04

Electronic Funds Transfer

(Bank of Philippine Islands) - BPI Express Online (no bank fees/charges)

BPI Checking Account
Anna Bettina C. Baua

3. Your order will only be confirmed as paid after we have received an update from the BPI Express Mobile Application or in a text message of the transaction number / control number from the money transfer service center where you deposited the payment.

"Our delivery cut off time is 12:00 noon, payment made after this will be sent to the courier the next day."

4. After we have sent the items, a tracking number given by the courier will be sent to you thru text message.

"We will not be responsible for any delay of the items once it has been sent to the courier."

"Once the tracking number has been sent, it is the CUSTOMER’s RESPONSIBILITY to track the items to the courier website eg. or by typing the tracking number in the Track and Trace web form."

5. Please expect your package to arrived in 2 to 7 working days from the date of shipment depending on your location.

For inquiries please call +63 917 519 48 04 look for Mrs. Tanna B. Lorque

Become a Santé Independent Distributor

Ever thought of running your own home based business? As a Santé Independent Distributor you can! With a low start up and great earning potential, joining Santé will not only benefit your health, but your wealth too.

We are looking for serious, dedicated, determined and hardworking business-minded partners to work with us to achieve and fulfill their goals and dreams in life.

We are offering you a business opportunity with a potential to earn more and experience the lifestyle you desire for your family.


What is the difference between a Retail Customer, Preferred Customer and Distributor?

Retail Customer Retail customers purchase product for individual consumption on a one-time or sporadic basis at the Suggested Retail Price. Retail customers do not sponsor new independent distributors, sign up new customers, and participate in any program or in the compensation plan. They do, however, receive the unique benefits of our products, as well as product information in their orders.

Preferred Customers Preferred customers purchase products at discounted price of 20% in every door-to-door order basis for personal consumption, without the intent to resell.

Independent Distributors  – Independent Distributors are those who purchase a business pack containing product and sales aids and who intend to sell product to, and actively enroll, other independent distributors and/or preferred customers.  Anyone who decides to become an independent distributor may enjoy the benefit of having up to 50% discount on every purchase of any Santé Barley products and he/she can participate in any program or in  the Compensation Plan.

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Anyone over 18 years of age with a computer and the internet OR smart phone can do it, no experience necessary, we provide training. You can earn an extra ₱500.00 or much more PER DAY, working from home in your own time!

This is very different and far more lucrative than what you see over the internet! If you decide to start your own home based business, but don't have the idea what product to carry and the company to be involved in, maybe we can help. We will be happy to assist you in starting your own home based business.

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Disclaimer: This website is owned and managed by an independent distributor of Santé International, Inc. and not the official company website. It aims to contribute to the growth and expansion of Santé International Inc., by serving its current and potential distributors, retailers, and preferred customers who are interested in health, wellness and financial freedom.

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